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Child Care Providers - Go Toxic-Free

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Child Care Providers – Go Toxic-Free

Let us help you make your child care safer. No cost.

We can

  • Pay you cash back up to $599.
  • Visit you at your business to walk through and help you find and handle hazardous materials.
  • Answer your questions. Call 206-263-8899 or

Interested in getting endorsed as an Eco-Healthy Child Care®?

Resources by Topic for child cares

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Find the child care licensing regulations that apply to chemicals



Family Home Child Cares

Definitions of terms WAC 170-295-0010">WAC 170-296A-0100

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting
(Includes surfaces, floors, dishes,
toys, sleeping mats and more)

WAC 170-295-5040

WAC 170-296A-3925

Hand sanitizers   WAC 170-296A-3650

WAC 170-295-5110
WAC 170-295-5120 (mats)

WAC 170-295-5110
WAC 170-296A-3850

Poisons, lead, asbestos, arsenic WAC 170-295-5020

WAC 170-296A-4000
WAC 170-296A-4100

Pests WAC 170-295-5160 WAC 170-296A-3950
Infant bottles (chemicals in plastics)   WAC 170-296A-7125
Toys   WAC 170-296A-6600
Chemical storage

WAC 170-295-5060



Resources by topic

Arts & Crafts

Lead sources (paint, drinking water, cosmetics and more…)

Mercury sources (fish, light bulbs, cosmetics and more…)

Pest Control



WA State child care licensing requirements for Centers and licensing standards for Family Home Child Cares (WA State Department of Health) (External Link)

King County Model Health Policies for King County Child Care Health Facilities (Public Health – Seattle & King County) (External Link)

Free education and medical consultation services on environmental health issues (NW Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit at UW) (External Link)

Washington laws that protect children from chemical exposure (Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County)



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