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Business Waste: Amalgam Waste
Proper Disposal: Since amalgam waste typically designates as a hazardous waste, it is best to send it to a facility that reclaims mercury and silver, or use a hazardous waste broker that will do so.

If you prefer to test your amalgam to see if it designates as hazardous waste, call the Waste Characterization Program at 206-263-8528 or e-mail for testing and disposal information.

Don't put amalgam waste into an infectious (biomedical) waste container. Biomedical waste is often heat treated, and heating amalgam releases mercury. Biomedical waste transport companies currently do not accept hazardous metal-bearing wastes.

Go to the Manage Dental Waste link below for more information on how to manage amalgam waste.
Recycle: Mercury products should be recycled or reclaimed through a facility permitted for this purpose. You can send mercury-containing items or compounds directly to a mercury reclamation facility or hire a broker to ship the waste to a reclaimer. If you hire a broker, check that the mercury containing item goes to a licensed mercury reclamation facility.
Potential Hazards: Amalgam waste requires special attention because it contains mercury and silver. Dental offices must deal with five types of amalgam waste:
• Used amalgam capsules
• Scrap amalgam (non-contact amalgam)
• Amalgam collected in chairside traps
• Amalgam waste from central vacuum pump filters
• Amalgam sludge from office wastewater treatment units
Safer Alternatives: --
Collection Facilities Info: Small Business Hazardous Waste Disposal – What wastes can I bring?
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Last Modified: 09/29/2015

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