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Business Waste: Hazardous Waste Disposal
Proper Disposal: Dispose of these wastes through permitted TSDRs. State regulations governing hazardous wastes are found in the Dangerous Waste Regulations, Chapter 173-303 WAC. The vendors listed in this section handle a variety of hazardous wastes. Only one vendor, Philip Services, provides a drop-off service for small quantity generators (located in Seattle and Kent). Look up specific wastes in this directory, such as parts washers or pesticides, for additional vendors. For information about a particular waste that is not in this directory, call the Business Waste Line at 206-263-8899.
Recycle: You may recycle or reclaim hazardous wastes on-site, through qualified recyclers or permitted facilities (also called treatment, storage, disposal or recycling facilities or TSDRs). Many recyclable hazardous wastes have simplified regulations. See specific wastes for guidance (antifreeze, batteries, fluorescent lamps, Freon/CFCs, mercury and mercury-containing products, metal recycling, oil, precious metals and shop towels.)
Potential Hazards: Hazardous wastes are ignitable, corrosive, reactive, toxic, or persistent or are listed as wastes known to harm human health and the environment. These wastes can't be put in the garbage, down the drains or taken to the transfer station.
Safer Alternatives: --
Collection Facilities Info: Small Business Hazardous Waste Disposal – What wastes can I bring?
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Last Modified: 02/26/2014

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