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Planning & Engagement: Our Commitment

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Planning & Engagement

Our Commitment

The links on this page lead you to policy statements that explain our commitment to include service equity in our planning and engagement process.

LHWMP Service Equity Policy
You need different approaches to engage different communities. Take a closer look at the community you want to work with. This will increase your chance of success with that community.

City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative
Read Seattle's initiative that "gets to the root cause of racial inequity: institutional racism." Learn about the work Seattle has done and the work that lies ahead.

King County Equity and Social Justice Web page
It's not fair or just that race, income and the neighborhood we live in predicts our chances of success. King County is committed to removing barriers that limit anyone's ability to fulfill their potential.

Executive Dow Constantine on why Social Equity is Important to King County (video)
King County is focused on social equity because it’s not right that some have more opportunities than others. The first annual report on Equity and Social Justice highlights employees who incorporate social equity values into their work.

Start with the WHY
Why this project? Leadership expert Simon Sinek explains in this TED talk why the most successful organizations start from WHY.