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Auto Body Shops and Waterborne Paints

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For questions or more information, contact Rey Verduzco: 206-263-1672.

If you have already switched to using waterborne basecoats, our guide can help you learn how to properly manage your waterborne paint wastes.

Read our guide

Cash Back Available for Auto Body Shops Switching to Waterborne Basecoats

We will reimburse 50% of your cost to switch to waterborne basecoats—up to $20,000 while funds last—excluding utility rebates and industry incentives.

To qualify for financial help, you must

  • Work with your distributor or paint rep to complete a shop conversion evaluation.
  • Manage your hazardous material and wastes according to all applicable regulatory requirements.

Interested? Follow these steps.

  1. Ask your distributor or paint rep for a shop evaluation to see if switching to waterborne basecoats will work for you.
  2. If your distributor or paint rep approves the switch, have them contact us. We will:
    • Contact your energy utility to set up an energy incentives evaluation.
    • Schedule a site visit to evaluate your hazardous materials and waste management practices
  3. Get the equipment and training you need to switch to waterborne basecoats.
  4. Let us know once you’ve made the switch. We will do a final audit of your hazardous materials and waste management practices. Then you will receive your financial incentives!