Prepare Your Home Before a Flood

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Prepare Your Home Before a Flood

Need information about household hazardous products? Call
or toll-free at 1-888-TOXIC-ED (1-888-869-4233) or email

Protect your family:

  • Reduce hazardous products in your home and property
  • Safely dispose of unwanted household hazardous products

Most homes have hazardous products that can contaminate flood waters and your property. They also may be hazardous to your family and emergency responders.

How do I know if a household product is hazardous?

  • A household product is hazardous if it has DANGER, POISON, WARNING OR CAUTION on the label.

Don’t throw hazardous products in the garbage. Use our no-cost services to safely dispose of them.

Avoid stockpiling hazardous products

  • Eliminate or reduce your household chemicals.
  • Purchase the smallest amounts.
  • Use up what you have; don't store extra products.
  • Use the safest products you can find.

Store hazardous products properly

  • Keep products in their original sealed containers.
  • Label all containers.
  • Store products in a covered area if possible. If safe to do so, store them on a shelf or in a second story area.

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