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Get cash back for business hazardous waste improvements

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Voucher Incentive Program

Get cash back for business hazardous waste improvements

We reimburse you 75% up to $599 for each of your business sites when you make changes that protect your workers or the environment from hazardous product use, storage, or disposal.

Reimbursement is available for these types of improvements:

  • lab testing your waste to see if it’s hazardous
  • disposal and recycling
  • equipment and process changes, including secondary containment, spill control, and substitution of less toxic materials
  • protective equipment for employees

To be eligible, a business must

  • be located anywhere in King County. This includes cities (including all of Bothell, Pacific and Auburn) and unincorporated areas.
  • produce fewer than 220 lbs/month of hazardous waste.
  • have a business license.
  • receive a visit from our technical staff who will walk you through the steps to use your reimbursement.
  • Make recommended changes to improve hazardous waste management or environmental and worker protection.

How does it work?

  • Contact us to schedule a visit.
  • One of our technical staff will visit your business for free.
  • Our staff will recommend improvements and give you a voucher.
  • You decide which, if any, of the improvements to implement and submit the voucher with receipts.
  • We send you a check for 75% of your expense – up to $599 – for following our recommendations.

Join thousands of businesses across King County that have benefited from this reimbursement program since its beginning in 1995.

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