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Print materials for businesses

Help your staff learn what they need to know for your business to better use, manage, store and dispose of hazardous materials.

You can print or we can send you the copies you need.  Contact us.

Small Business Hazardous Waste Disposal: What to Bring What
Not to Bring

This flyer shows some of the materials that are accepted for disposal and gives options for materials that are not accepted. (PDF, 853.9 KB)

Preventing Spills: How to Store
Materials so Spills Don't Happen

This comprehensive guide to spill prevention addresses: setting up an accumulation area, secondary containment for tanks and containers, diagrams and examples, and routine inspections. (PDF, 410 KB)

Business Disposal Form (PDF)
Print 2 completed, signed copies and bring them to a disposal facility with your hazardous waste.

The Voucher Incentive Program
We'd like to invest in your business. King County supports businesses that support the environment. Commitment to long-term change can earn your company 75% matching funds for every dollar wisely spent on hazardous materials management, up to a ceiling of $599. (PDF, 544 KB)

Drains and Related Structures:
What You Need to Know

The Drains brochure helps businesses identify where drains lead, restrictions for different types of drainage systems, maintaining the system and who's responsible. Illustrations of catch basins and oil/water separators demystify these simple but important structures. (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Property Managers - Commercial or Residential Properties: Green Your Business, Save Money
This poster helps property managers choose safer products, dispose of waste properly, save money and help tenants. It lists free LHWMP services for businesses. (PDF, 464 KB)