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Business Hazardous Waste

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Some hazardous waste disposal locations have reduced hours of operation due to COVID-19. Please visit our business disposal locations page for more information. If you would like to receive service updates, please contact us at or 206-296-4692.

Free business hazardous waste disposal

How do I get rid of it ...?
Is my business eligible for free disposal service?
Disposal locations & hours
What wastes can I bring?
Disposal form for qualifying businesses
Transporting hazardous waste
Small business hazardous waste management and disposal services

Business waste

Commercial hazardous waste disposal - Choose a vendor
Identifying hazardous products and wastes
Managing or reducing hazardous waste
Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX)

Certifying Environmentally Responsible Businesses

The EnviroStars Program
Directory of EnviroStar Businesses

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Financial Help

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Auto body shops and Waterborne Paints
Janitors & House Cleaners
Dry cleaners
Nail salons
Property managers
Child care

Floods: Prepare Your Business

Businesses: Prepare for Floods
Stormwater best management practices (YouTube)


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