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Studio Visits

Studio Visits

Art materials in most types of art media contain many toxic ingredients. Using these products can result in health problems including dermatitis, allergies, silicosis, liver, kidney or eye damage, reproductive harm, cancer and other ailments.

Through informative workshops and no-fault studio visits we

  • work with you to help reduce your risk of harmful exposures,
  • share tips on how to safely handle and dispose of chemical products and wastes, and
  • provide financial assistance to defray the costs of any recommendations we may suggest.

For more information or to schedule a presentation or studio visit, contact the Business Waste Line at 206-263-8899 or

client testimonials
“Thanks again for coming out to my studio and spending so
much time with me figuring out a better and safer system in which to
work. I really appreciate that King County provides this service to artists.”

Mark Calderon
Sculptor, Metalsmith
“Thank you so much for your time. The studio visit was very
helpful! I'm looking forward to making the changes you suggested and
am so happy to have the [county] matching funds available."

Crista Matteson
Glass, Jewelry and Ceramics artist
“Thanks again for stopping by the other day. It was
really informative and I love the program.”

Chris Buening
Multimedia, Painting, Sculpture