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Encaustic artists may work with hazardous chemical products that can harm their health, such as:

  • Pigment powders containing these toxic metals
    • Antimony, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead and nickel.

Protecting your skin and eyes

  • Wear chemical-resistant gloves when working with toxic pigment powders.

Protecting your lungs

  • Wear a snug-fitting dust mask or respirator when pouring dry pigment powders on wax.
  • Keep wax below 200 degrees Fahrenheit to limit wax fumes and position your work area near an exhaust fan to carry wax fumes away.

Use safer choices

  • Purchase pigments already mixed in wax to control dust.
  • Keep pigment powder containers closed when not in use.
  • Visit the Art Supplies page to learn safety warnings on product labels.

We can help

Safely dispose of encaustic wastes