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Office of the Program Director

Lynda Ransley is serving as Program Director.

The MCC created the position of Program Director to provide support in accomplishing the MCC's mandated duties and the Program's mission. The Program Director accepts direction from the MCC, and works with the MCC to fulfill its obligation to provide Program services to the ratepayers and the public at large. The Program Director coordinates and works with senior staff from the Program Partner agencies and provides general leadership to Program staff. Specific duties of the Program Director include:

  • Planning the Program's work and financing so that services are current and relevant to the community's needs;

  • Increasing equity with respect to the Program's services;

  • Effectively managing and coordinating implementation of the Program;

  • Stewarding the Program fund and its HHW and SQG sub-funds;

  • Evaluating the results, and adjusting efforts based on that evaluation; and

  • Being accountable to the public by reporting results to our customers, ratepayers, Program partners and stakeholders.

Staff Contact Information:

Lynda Ransley, Program Director
Phone/voice mail: 206-263-8241

Vicky Beaumont, Operations Manager
Phone/voice mail: 206-477-3585

Ryan Kellogg, Performance Manager
Phone/voice mail: 206-263-8273

Michell Mouton, Communications Manager
Phone/voice mail: 206-477-4391

Kristin Painter, Administrator II
Phone/voice mail: 206-477-5470

Liz Tennant, Strategic Advisor
Phone/voice mail: 206-263-8243

Madelaine Yun, Fund Manager
Phone/voice mail: 206-263-8253

Street and Mailing address:

Office of the Program Director
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County
150 Nickerson St., Suite 204
Seattle, WA 98109-1658