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LHWMP PPT template Cheri Grasso Template for LHWMP PowerPoint presentation design. 05/07/2015
Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) Postcard Larry Brown Is your business paying to dispose of materials other businesses can use? Are you buying materials that other businesses may be offering for free? Save disposal costs, energy, resources and landfill s ... 05/01/2015
Kids and Chemicals Don't Mix: Tips for a Safer Home (color version) Julia Singer Printable version of "Kids and Chemicals Don't Mix" Safe tips Web page. 05/01/2015
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County: 2014 Highlights Cheri Grasso This annual summary, for partners and others, offers program details and financial information at a glance. The summary contains highlights of the program's impact on the mission areas of use and stor ... 05/01/2015
Usability Testing: Instructions for Facilitators Rey Verduzco Describes the role of the facilitator, permissible neutral phrases to use with participants, and acknowledgement tokens, paraphrasing, and clarifying for observers. 05/01/2015
Usability Testing: Thank You Letter (send via e-mail) Cheri Grasso, Rey Verduzco Sample thank you letter. 05/01/2015
Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) Review Process Cheri Grasso This document outlines the purpose of CAC, who is on CAC, what should and shouldn’t go through CAC and what CAC responsibilities are. 04/28/2015
Print Materials - Resources Cheri Grasso Find additional resources regarding development of print materials. 04/28/2015
Print Materials - Review Checklist Cheri Grasso, Julia Singer Follow this checklist to ensure your new or updated materials get the review they need. 04/28/2015
Print Writing Guide Cheri Grasso, Julia Singer Use this guide to write your print materials, including brochures, posters and fliers. 04/28/2015
Page of 65 | 646 records |