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Outside the Shop
Washington State Department of Ecology
WAC 173-303-Accumulation Area Poster

This poster, by the Automotive Service Association of Washington, provides guidance for the proper management of a hazardous waste accumulation area.

Washington State Department of Ecology
WAC 173-303 - a poster-Do Your Drums Pass the Test?

This downloadable poster gives simple instructions on how to store hazardous waste containers in your shop safely and legally.

Washington State Department of Ecology
WAC 173-303 - Labeling in the-Accumulation Area

This downloadable poster provides examples and explanations for labeling hazardous waste containers in the accumulation area in your shop.

Washington State Department of Ecology
WAC 173-303-Storm Drain Poster

This poster provides the best management practices that protect the storm drains around your shop.

Washington State Department of Ecology AND King County
WAC 173-303-573

For a list of Take It Back vendors who can accept fluorescent lamp waste, copy and paste the following URL into your broswer:

Washington Administrative Code: WAC - 173-303-573 (5)
The following types of lamps can be managed as Universal Waste, unless you have information (such as manufacturer material safety sheets) that shows that these lamps are not dangerous waste:
- fluorescent tubes,
- compact fluorescent,
- HID lamps (mercury vapor, metal halide, high-pressure sodium),
- neon lamps; and any other lamps that are dangerous waste.

Local - King County Waste Acceptance Rule*
King County's Waste Acceptance Rules (PUT 7.1.4) echo the federal and state level rules:

6.16 Fluorescent lights and ballasts are accepted under the following conditions:
Fluorescent lights and other Universal Waste Lamps are not accepted from commercial customers. Call (206) 296-4466 for information on lamp recycling. Recycling is recommended for all commercial and residential lamps containing mercury, including low-mercury lamps that pass the federal TCLP standard. Low-mercury lamps may be accepted at KCSWD facilities when accompanied by a Waste Clearance Decision.

Fluorescent light ballasts that indicate "contains no PCB’s" may be disposed at KCSWD facilities. Ballasts without this information must be tested for the presence of PCB’s, and are accepted only with a Waste Clearance Decision.
**Please note that rules in your area may differ, please check your local jurisdiction for more information.