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Home >> Grow Smart, Grow Safe

A gardener’s guide to lawn and garden pesticides and fertilizers

Got pesky slugs? Weeds? Bugs or blights?

The Grow Smart, Grow Safe guide ranks hundreds of pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments, helping you find products least hazardous to people, pets and the planet.

You can have an attractive landscape in the Pacific Northwest without using hazardous pesticides. Insecticides, herbicides and fungicides that can harm people and pets and pollute the environment. .By gardening with nature and reducing reliance on harmful chemicals you are creating more livable neighborhoods. How can you conserve water, attract beneficial wildlife and keep a kid-friendly yard?

  • planting pest-resistant native plants
  • choosing natural compost over synthetic fertilizers
  • using natural yard care to keep toxic chemicals out of waterways and soil and off plants and lawns
  • checking Grow Smart Grow Safe to chose the best way to deal with the pests
  • getting help from your local nursery, Master Gardener or the knowledgable folks at the Lawn and Garden Hotline (xxx-xxxx)

Grow Smart, Grow Safe,is published in partnership with Oregon Metro and Thurston County, and takes the guesswork out of non-toxic solutions to common garden problems. The online product rankings help home gardeners, urban farmers and professional landscapers find lawn and garden products least hazardous to people, pets, wildlife and waterways.

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