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Chemical Hygiene Workshops for Secondary Science Teachers

Workshop Description

These free informative workshops educate secondary school science teachers and administrators about mandatory chemical hygiene planning requirements for science laboratories under State and Federal law. Both an initial and advanced workshop are offered several times a year.

  • The initial workshop covers laboratory safety procedures and equipment, proper chemical labeling, handling, and storage, and chemical hygiene planning requirements under Washington State law.
  • The advanced workshop is held in school science labs to allow some time for hands-on training. This training covers spill response equipment and procedures, highly hazardous chemicals requiring special safety procedures and planning, hazardous waste disposal and laboratory inventory and inspection techniques. Attendees will participate in a hands-on spill clean-up and a safety inspection of a school’s science stockroom.

The workshops are conducted by Dave Waddell of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County. Dave has many years of experience as a Health and Environmental Investigator and is the creator and manager of the award-winning Rehab the Lab Program. He has helped hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers reduce chemical hazards in their labs. He is a frequent speaker and has conducted numerous seminars on lab safety, proper environmental management practices and the storage and handling of highly toxic and reactive compounds across the United States.

This FREE workshop includes opportunities for teachers to earn three clock hours (payment required) and receive information on matching grants for purchasing safer alternatives and properly disposing of hazardous chemicals. To learn more about the trainings or to schedule a workshop for your district, call Dave Waddell at 206-263-3069 or

Science teachers comments

"Very knowledgeable instructor. Seminar was much better than expected."
"It's the best workshop I've had in many years. Informative, important, engaging, interesting."
"Enjoyed this presentation very much. I'm inspired to rehab my lab."
"Dave was an excellent presenter. He gave us a lot of info in a very interesting way. A very useful workshop."
"It was great. I can't believe that it was so interesting that I could sit and listen all day. Now I have a lot to do when I get back to school."
"Very smart guy but able to explain issues in layman's terms"
"Awesome - I learned a lot! I would greatly recommend this class to everyone."
"Most worthwhile one-day workshop that I have attended. This workshop was educational rather than scare tactics stuff. Provided excellent solutions!"