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Service Type: Household
Material: Smoke Detectors
Proper Disposal: Contact the manufacturer for return options or dispose of in the garbage.
Recycle: --
Potential Hazards: Ionization detectors may contain a very small amount of low level radioactive material.
Safer Alternatives: Several types of smoke detectors are available for home use. These include Ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. An ionization detector uses a small disk of radioactive material to detect particles emitted by combustion. A photoelectric detector uses a photo sensor and light beam to detect smoke. A particular smoke detector technology may only detect certain types of fires. For more information about how detectors work, and the correct applications and sensitivities of ionization detectors vs. photoelectric detectors, see the EPA Web site on Smoke Detectors and Radiation.
Collection Facilities:
Auburn SuperMall Wastemobile Factoria HHW North Seattle HHW South Seattle HHW Wastemobile
Eligible Small Quantity Generator businesses can bring limited quantities and types of waste to the Seattle and King County collection facilities. See web site for further details.
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Last Update: 09/13/2013
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