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Make your yard pesticide‐free

Do it yourself with Natural Yard Care

Natural Yard Care techniques create an attractive lawn and garden with less pesticide use.

  • Fight pests without pesticides. Got bugs? Slugs? Moss or moles? Find safer ways to manage garden pests.
  • Buy the safest product for pests. Find a safer way to deal with pests or check the health and environmental hazards of hundreds of pesticides and fertilizers in Grow Smart Grow Safe.
  • Pesticide Free Zone Call the Garden Hotline for practical advice at 206‐633‐0224 or
  • Get a free sign by declaring your yard Pesticide Free Zone. Sign the pledge and request your sign online from Washington Toxics Coalition (external).

EnviroStarsHire EnviroStars certified landscape companies

EnviroStars businesses commit to practices that minimize pesticide use, keep the environment clean and your landscape healthy. Search for an EnviroStar landscape company for consulting or services.

Dispose of pesticides or other hazardous products.

Unwanted pesticides are hazardous waste. Hazardous products don’t go in the trash or down the toilet. Prevent accidents by taking these products to a safe disposal location at no charge.