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Pesticide-Free Places

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Where kids and pets play worry-free
Find outdoor areas managed: pesticide-free/pesticide-reduced to protect people, water & wildlife.

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Pesticide-free place Pesticide-free place
Pesticide-reduced place Pesticide-reduced place
Place name
Pesticide-free place Pesticide-free place
Pesticide-reduced place Pesticide-reduced place

Pesticide-free place: No EPA-registered pesticides are used in the normal maintenance of the park or recreation area. Special exemptions are given for limited IPM (Integrated Pest Management) based use of an herbicide to remove a noxious weed where this is the only feasible recommended method according to King County Best Management Practices, or in the case of an insecticide used to remove dangerous insects (wasps, hornets) as long as adequate notification or signage is used to warn the public.

Pesticide-reduced place: Children’s play areas and lawns are pesticide free. In outlying areas of the site: flower beds, fence lines, natural areas and playing fields, grounds managers use their own IPM (Integrated Pest Management) policy to determine pest control needs and minimize use of pesticides.

This interactive map shows public recreation places in King County.

To use the map:

Click (single click) a point on the map to get information about the place.

Click the “List of places” pane to find a particular place from a list.

Use buttons at the top of the map to toggle aerial and map views.

Click, hold and drag the map to move map extent.

Change the scale by using the slider in the map or use scroll button on your mouse.

Click the “Map legend - definitions” pane to view map legend or definitions.

Click the “Disclaimer” pane to read the map disclaimer.

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Pesticide-Free Places