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The Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (IRAC)


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What is IRAC?

IRAC provides a process for agency regulators to resolve regulatory variance. Regulators and inspectors from all levels participate on the Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (IRAC) to resolve overlaps, gaps and conflicts in health, safety, chemical management and environmental quality regulations. The IRAC process and tools help reach consensus and resolution of specific regulatory concerns. Membership is open to technical, field and management staff of government agencies.

The Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (IRAC) formed in 1993 to resolve these kinds of interagency regulatory issues among government agencies. IRAC provides a process and the tools necessary to develop consensus to resolve specific regulatory concerns. IRAC membership is open to technical, field and management staff of government agencies.


  • Improve customer service to regulated industries.
  • Improve interagency collaboration and communication.
  • Make the most efficient use of resources and staff by sharing resources.
  • Improve and support regulatory compliance.

Current Work

IRAC workgroups have successfully introduced new legislation and brought changes to local, state and national regulations and codes that:

  • enhance compliance,
  • maintain the integrity and intention of the original regulations,
  • allow regulations to be applied equitably and consistently,
  • reduce confusion of regulated businesses.

Services and Resources

IRAC workgroups produce guidance documents for inspectors and the regulated community. These publications are available on IRAC’s Publications Web page at Members of IRAC receive training opportunities, a quarterly newsletter, invitations to serve on IRAC workgroups, and networking tools. If you are a government employee, you may join IRAC at

Advisory Committee

Presently IRAC’s advisory committee consists of representatives from the following agencies: